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The Seven Signs That Tell You’re Too Old for Clubbing

You don’t need signs to know you’re too old for clubbing. You’ll just know it. But it’s fun to talk about it, right? Or maybe, just maybe, you are clueless and you think you’re still an awesome party animal when in fact, the other kids in the club whisper behind you calling you “mom”. Don’t be too hard on yourself though. You have all the right in this world to have fun, dance the night away and enjoy doing whatever it is you want with your friends. You can be 21 or 71; you can still go to the clubs. Going back to these signs though, check out seven things we came out with and see if you can relate.

1. It’s too late.

So if you go to the club at 8, it’s still empty. You know that it’s okay to go by 10 but your friend suggested that you should meet at 11 so you can be in the club before midnight. Before midnight? Really? So we can party ‘til 1? No thanks, it’s too late.

2. The music is too loud.

You’d rather have a great time talking about real “adult stuff” with your friends as you enjoy a steak dinner in a classy restaurant or a bottle of beer in a nice bar. Club music is just too loud and before the night ends, your throat hurts with all the screaming just because you were trying to have a conversation which never happened anyway.

3. Buying overpriced cocktails and beer is so impractical.

You can mix these cocktails at home for a fraction of the price. You can order the exact same bottle of beer in a bar and pay half that amount, that makes the choice quite easy doesn’t it? You’d rather gulp down three bottles of beer straight in a convenience store somewhere before heading to a club where you can just ask the waiter for free water. Because drinking in a club is just so impractical.

4. You’d rather buy clothes for work than for a one-time party.

You spent at least 30 minutes with the BabylissPRO flat iron which is often selected as best flat iron, so you can get that perfect sleek and shiny hair. You spent another 15 minutes to work on your eyebrows and another hour for the rest of your face. You spent at least a hundred dollars for your clothes you’re wearing tonight. Wait, you’d rather spend all that time and money to prepare for work and find clothes that will impress your clients.

5. You call other club-goers “kids”.

If they call you mom, you call them kids. If you think you’d find the man of your dreams in a club, think again. Look around, these kids probably haven’t gotten their wisdom teeth pulled out yet.

6. You hate hangovers.

Why complain about a hangover when you can prevent it? There’s a huge difference when you’re nursing a hangover you got from a club and the hangover you get after finishing a bottle of vodka at home and you know it.

7. None of your friends would go with you to the club, except for that one annoying friend.

You want to go out this weekend and you asked your friends. One girl friend will rather discuss ideas for fathers day with you, another friend has a weekend deadline to complete and even your best friend has better things to do. So there’s this one friend who is a regular clubber but you don’t really like her and she wants to come with you.

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