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The 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas Your Dad Will Surely Love

This coming Father’s Day, it is just right for you to search for the best gifts you can give to your dad as a token of appreciation for all his hard work and never ending love and care through the years. Since we were little, our dads took care of us and worked long hours to be able to provide for our needs. It is just right for us to give them the best especially on their special day. If you ran out of ideas of the perfect Father’s Day gift, here are some that might help you out.

1. Gift Card

This shouldn’t really be your first option but if your dad is hard to please, then you might as well get him a gift card instead. It’s not exactly cash inside an envelope but it’s good as money to spend on anything he likes from his favorite store or at the mall.

2. Shoes

Instead of going all cheap with a pair of socks, get your dad a new pair of shoes instead. We’re pretty sure it’s easy to take a peek at his current pairs for you to find out the right size or you can always ask mom.

3. All-Expense Paid Vacation

If you have extra money to spend, go ahead and buy him tickets to an all-expense paid vacation. Perhaps his lifelong dream was to travel to Asia or around Europe and he never made it happen because he struggled to give you a good life. Make that dream come true now! Make sure you get a pair of tickets so he can have mom with him too.

4. Luxurious Staycation with Mom

If an all-expense paid vacation is too expensive for you, then book a luxurious staycation instead. Reserve a hotel room for him and mom with a relaxing massage and fine dinner for two.

5. Tools or Materials for His Hobby

Is your dad into woodworking? Get him a DEWALT DWS780, which is probably the best miter saw around. Now he can sharpen his creativity skills once again. Or you can go ahead and check his shed and see what’s missing or what’s due to be replaced.

6. Car Detailing Package

Something for your dad’s car or the family car is always a big hit. Exterior and interior car detailing can cost quite a bit but not too much so this should be a good choice even if you’re on a tight budget.

7. Wireless Headphones

Is dad tired of having to compete with your loud music as he’s watching his favorite ball game? Or does he have trouble hearing already? You can get him a pair of wireless headphones that he can use to listen to music or while watching TV!

8. Smartphone

Dad would wait until their phones give up completely before buying a replacement. Surprise your dad with a user-friendly but awesome smartphone that he will enjoy. Prepare some pre-downloaded games too!

9. Handwritten Letter with a Special Dinner

If you’re on a very tight budget, you can always go for a more personal approach. Prepare a special dinner for dad and give him a handwritten letter with a heartfelt message on it.

10. Pay the Bills

Even just for this month, pay all the bills in the household. That’s instantly a few hundred dollars that your dad can save and he will surely appreciate it.

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