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Brazil: All Indications Are That Brazil President Will Veto Forestry Law Pushed by Farm Lobby

Source:  Copyright 2012, BrazillMag
Date:  April 27, 2012
Byline:  Yara Aquino
Original URL: Status ONLINE

Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff's top administrative aide, Gilberto Carvalho, made it clear that the Land Use Law (Código Florestal - Forestry Code) approved in the Chamber of Deputies Wednesday evening was not what the government hoped for.

"It is public knowledge that we expected something similar to what was approved in the Senate. The executive branch has a constitutional right to a veto and the president will analyze the bill calmly, serenely and without animosity," declared Carvalho.

The Chamber of Deputies made around 20 changes to the bill that came out of the Senate at the end of last year.

Asked if the vote was a victory of the rural caucus and a defeat for the executive branch, Carvalho sidestepped the question and described the situation in Congress as a "correlation of forces."

Carvalho went on to say that president Dilma would take into consideration the repercussion of the bill at the upcoming Rio+20 United ...

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