Achieving Environmental Conservation, Byte by Byte

Seven Ideas to Be a Responsible Citizen and Start Conserving Water Today

In case you haven’t heard yet, water is very important to human beings. Even toddlers know the importance of water and even little kids are being taught by their parents and teachers the value of this natural element. Without water, we will all die. As much as we all know its importance, there are still many of us who consume water carelessly. We always think that others can do the conservation for us and science will always have a way of turning things around. After all, there’s a lot of water in the seas and the rivers – we’ll never run out. Yes, we will run out of water and no, you can’t use up all the water in the ocean. Be a responsible citizen and do your part by starting to save the planet by recycling and to to conserve water today. Here are just a few little things you can do around your home that could be a huge contribution in water conservation.

  1. Take shorter showers.

    A lot of us take so much time in the shower. An hour is such a long time because you can clean your body thoroughly in five or ten minutes. The longer time you spend in the shower, the more water you consume.

  2. Use a cup for water when brushing your teeth.

    For some reason, a lot of people are still too lazy to fill up that glass with water when they brush their teeth. Keeping the water running is no way a form of conservation – that is a total waste.

  3. Install a water softener in your home.

    If you always had to wash pots and pans or your car a few times over because there are still white spots or dirt left behind, it must be the water. A water softener gets rid of all the minerals and dirt that goes along with the water when underground. By having this feature in your home, you can use less water when cleaning and you only need to clean once.

  4. One-piece toilets are more water efficient.

    One piece toilets are built with a smaller tank. If you are still in the process of building a home, consider having a one-piece toilet instead.

  5. Place a brick on the water tank of your toilet.

    If you already have the standard two-piece toilet, then you can just place a brick inside the tank. This takes up the space of water so you won’t need as much when you flush.

  6. Schedule laundry days.

    Don’t wash your laundry anytime you feel like it. You need to have a schedule. If there’s just one shirt in the laundry, you will be wasting a whole lot of water when you put that in the washer. Use the washer only for full loads to make most out of the water that will be used.

  7. Use a pail when washing your car.

    Use a pail of water when washing your car instead of a water hose. Two pails would work well – one with water and another one with soapy water. You can use the hose for the final rinse.

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