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How to Save the Planet when Shopping for Furniture

Shopping for furniture can be fun and exciting, but we all know that the woods used in low quality chairs and tables are not manufactured ecologically. If you have a large budget to shop with you can go for more durable and more environmental friendly materials, and you can still choose whatever you want to stuff your home with the most glamorous furniture.

Without proper planning, knowledge and investigation, you can easily buy non-FSC furnitures or go overboard and simply spend more on what you could have gotten for hundreds of dollars less. People these days buy more and more and they throw out used things way to easily. The pile of junk is growing, which is not nature friendly. We could all recycle way more and clean up or fix what’s broken. Still, having beautiful, functional and green furniture will not always cost you more money and you don’t have to be broke after shopping.

Create a List and Set a Budget

If you are remodeling your home and looking for great furniture to come with it, you need to have a plan. You just can’t say that you want that large sofa and a nice looking table, perhaps some chairs and a couple of cabinets for your china collection. If you only have these things in your mind and not written down, you will most likely end up with too much furniture or with too little after you have went over your budget. Say you are setting aside $3,000 for new furniture, list down all the things you want and need that should fall on that budget. Make sure you separate the wants and needs because if you found that antique mirror that would cost you a few hundred dollars before the center table that you need first and foremost, you will go over your budget. Prioritize the things you need before the things that you think would look nice but you can definitely live without.

Check Out Thrift Shops

Before you even go to the mall or check on all these furniture online shops, you can go ahead and check on thrift shops. Go to garage sales and check eBay for items that are pre-loved but can still be restored. With a good kind of cordless drill, you can put together a used cabinet that fell apart and make it sturdy again. Furthermore, a cordless drill would allow you to install things on your own rather than paying someone to do it for you. Most of these drills come with an instruction manual and since it’s cordless, you won’t have a hard time using it at all. Drills and Drivers have all different power tools lined up on their website. After that you only need some paint or varnish to help you turn an old wooden table you bought for $50 into a $500-looking piece of furniture.

DIY What You Can

As mentioned above, you can easily restore items you bought from thrift shops on your own. You can save money with brand new furniture if you can install on your own rather than having someone come in and do it for you. You can also build furniture on your own. There are so many online videos teaching beginners how to build DIY tables, shelves and cabinets with just the use of a cordless drill, a saw, some glue and paint! The possibilities are truly endless with proper research and planning.

By saving money on furniture shopping, you can have budget left for home improvement. Perhaps you can have better paint done in your home or even enough money to restore the roof! Plan and spend wisely and you will have a beautiful, cozy and functional home.

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