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Five Interesting Indoor Things to Do on a Rainy Day

Nowadays, when it’s snowing or raining outside and you choose to stay indoors, most likely you’ll find yourself with your smartphone or tablet or even your laptop browsing the internet or playing some games. However, there’s more to life than just the Internet! Look at the rain or the snow as a blessing because you now have the chance to stay home, bond with your family and just get that well-deserved rest. To make it even more fun, here are 5 interesting things you can enjoy doing indoors.

1. Snuggle up under the comforter.

Yes, we know you might think what’s interesting behind that? Well there’s a lot. You can play with your kids while staying warm and you can enjoy the softness of your comforter. You can also just take this time to rest and take as many naps as you want!

2. Read a book.

Not an e-book… an actual book. For many of us, it has been years since we laid eyes on the pages of a real book. Most of us just rely on the world wide web and download as many e-books but the relaxing feeling of being taken away somewhere special by a story you’re reading is just magical.

3. Play board games.

Monopoly, Scrabble and so many other board games would be fun. If you’re not playing with your kids, you can even play drinking board games. Be as creative as you can be. Check out Cards Against Humanity!

4. Get into arts and crafts or even furniture building.

It’s time for you to try your hands on those DIY instructions you stumbled upon on the internet. You can get an old shirt and transform it into a fabulous new one with a few cuts and stitches here and there. Build your own coffee table or transform an old stand lamp into a new, impressive one! The possibilities are just limitless!

5. Clean out your closet.

It’s probably that time of the year that you can finally have time to clean your closet. Set a box up for donations. What’s interesting about this? You might just find some clothes that got lost inside your cabinet and you can finally refresh your wardrobe.

6. Go on a series marathon.

It’s about time you catch up on all the episodes of Suits you’ve missed. Perhaps you’d like to throw it back a bit and watch all seasons of How I Met Your Mother or Friends or maybe you’d like a re-run of The Walking Dead!

7. Cook new recipes.

There are so many new recipes coming out and instructions are just too simple. You can try making your own version of that perfect steak that Gordon Ramsay cooked or a cinnamon pie recipe that you’re dying to taste.

8. Introduce your own kids to your childhood by digging up old photos.
Show your kids how you grew up as child and how their momma looked like when she was little!

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