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Eight Easy to Follow Tips to Stay Focused at Work

Especially if there is plenty of distractions, such as noisy officemates or a phone that won’t stop ringing, it is hard to stay focused while at work. However, the job has to be done and you don’t want to get scolded by the boss so it’s best for you to stay focused and just do your work in an efficient and timely manner. If you find yourself losing focus, here are some tips you might want to check out and we’re hoping these could help you too!

1. Leave your personal problems and thoughts at home.

The first and foremost reason of most employees who aren’t able to focus at work is when they have personal problems and thoughts that keep them distracted. Whether it’s a family problem or you’re feeling too excited about a new-found romantic relationship you have, make sure that these thoughts are left at home or at the door of your office. It’s all in the mind and it’s all about controlling your thoughts. You can do it!

2. Sleep well at night.

It is hard to stay focused when you’re feeling sleepy. You must have a good night’s sleep so you can have enough energy the next day.

3. Have breakfast before going to work.

Start your day right by having heavy breakfast. It is difficult to focus if you can hear your stomach rumbling because of hunger.

4. Drink coffee.

Drinking coffee doesn’t only keep you awake; it also keeps your mind alert and focused. Unless you already have a coffee maker in the office, you can actually bring a small espresso machine of your own so that you can make freshly brewed cups anytime of the day. You can even request the admin or HR department of your office that you need an espresso or a Nespresso machine. For sure, they will understand your suggestion and know the benefits out of having at least one of these in the office.

5. Listen to music with your earphones.

To drown out the noise of your talkative officemates or the music they have on speakers, listen to the music you like or some instrumental music that can help you focus more. It really helps you to achieve your goals way faster.

6. Have a spare mobile phone so your family can contact you.

Calls, texts and notifications on your smartphone coming from friends will just distract you. However, it is quite understandable that you need to stay in contact with your family especially if are a parent so in case of emergency, they can call you. It is best to have another mobile phone for that instead.

7. Don’t open windows for entertainment websites and social media.

Resist the temptation of opening a Facebook window, Twitter or even Reddit or Buzzfeed. One good post leads to another and another until you find yourself browsing these entertainment sites for hours. It is very tempting to go online and do a little research on the new car your looking for, or to order the birthday gift for your mom you forgot. Better yet, ask the IT personnel to block those sites for you so you won’t be tempted.

8. Set a personal goal, motivate yourself and strive to be the best.

Finally, you must set your personal goal. Motivate yourself and strive to be the best you can be. Put your eye on that promotion or that raise. Think of whatever it takes so you can be the best. When you are motivated, it is easier to stay focused.

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