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Oil, Roads, and Rainforests Don't Mix 2

ALERT! Continue to Oppose Oil Production in Ecuador’s Yasuni Rainforests

TAKE ACTION to keep mega-diverse Yasuni National Park ecologically intact and road free: Ecuador’s mega-diverse Yasuni National Park is again threatened by oil industry road construction as state oil company Petroamazonas has in secret constructed in a into the heart of the world-famous Amazon...

Stop the Great Lakes Mine 0

ALERT! Demand Full EPA EIS for Wisconsin Mine to Be Poised Over Lake Superior

TAKE ACTION to stop the Great Lakes Mine: The huge Penokee Hills iron ore mine is proposed in the hills poised above Lake Superior, and could potentially foul the 20% of Earth’s freshwater found in the Great Lakes. Governor Scott Walker signed a bill...

Virunga's mountain gorillas protected from oil with the help of EcoInternet and you 6

EcoInternet Hails Victory Protecting Virunga National Park and Gorillas from SOCO Oil

Vital precedents set that rainforests and oil don’t mix, global people power can protect local ecosystems, and all remaining old-growth forests must be protected from industrial development By EcoInternet – British oil company SOCO International has cancelled plans to explore for oil in the...

Ecology 0

Choose Ecology

Humanity chooses ecology – by leaving fossil fuels in the ground, protecting and restoring natural ecosystems, embracing organic permaculture, and reducing own numbers equitably – or we face ecological collapse and the end of being

PlanetaryBoundaryTerrestrialEcosystem 2

ECOLOGICAL SCIENCE: Terrestrial Ecosystem Loss and Biosphere Collapse

Excerpt of manuscript accepted for publication mid-2014 by Management of Environmental Quality Abstract Planetary boundary science defines key thresholds in the Earth System’s biogeochemical conditions that precede ecosystem collapse and threaten human well-being. Terrestrial ecosystems enter into the nine originally defined planetary boundaries only indirectly,...